Data is one of the key aspects for any kind of business and considered as an asset in this digital era. Data may vary according to the business activity but remains an integral part for every business activity. Growth in the field of technology, specifically in smartphones has led to text, video, and audio is included under data plus the web and log activity records as well. Most of this data is unstructured.

The term Big Data is used in the data definition to describe the data that is in the petabyte range or higher. Big Data is also described as 5Vs: variety, volume, value, veracity, and velocity. Nowadays, web-based eCommerce has spread vastly, business models based on Big Data have evolved, and they treat data as an asset itself. And there are many benefits of Big Data as well, such as reduced costs, enhanced efficiency, enhanced sales, etc.

The meaning of data expands beyond the processing of data in computing applications. When it comes to what data science is, a body made of facts is called data science. Accordingly, finance, demographics, health, and marketing also have different meanings of data, which ultimately make up different answers for what is data.

Tame your BIG DATA through robust solutions that empower data collection, storage, processing and analysis. BIG DATA services help companies maximize value and achieve business goals with big data analysis. Since 2013, Digital Growth India has been rendering a full range of big data services, including consulting, implementation, support and big data as a service to help clients benefit from the big data environment.

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