We at DIGITAL GROWTH INDIA, FLEX WEB DEVELOPMENT company in Delhi expertise in development of FLEX WEB. Let us understand the term Flex? Flex is nothing but an open source application framework. It is used for building and maintaining expressive web applications that set up time and again on all main browsers, laptops, desktops, and any other competent device. The root of the Flex Web Development is the ash player. It provides up-to-the-minute programming model that holds up common design patterns suitable for developers from vivid backgrounds. Contact Us! Flex helps to create impressive, expressive and highly interactive applications with dynamic user interface. It also helps user to create customized websites and applications without compromising on quality and standard. Crafting Flex Web Development enables the applications to process massive amount of data devoid of any conspicuous change. Also, the response is swift and supports thorny logic.It endows with absolute RIA environment transversely the web and fetches modernization in a general development


Flex applications are usually Flash Player based which can access device capabilities like GPS, camera, local database, graphics accelerometer

Flex applications can run on Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and iOS devices

Flex applications can run on Browsers as well as on Desktop.

Flex applications are platform independent. UI can be native to platform or can be made same on each platform.

Flex applications can interact with server with all major server side technologies like Java, Spring, Hibernate, PHP, Ruby, .NET, Adobe ColdFusion, and SAP using industry standards such as REST, SOAP, JSON, JMS, and AMF.

Flex Applications assures rich user experience through intuitive interaction with the application and presenting information in a visually richer interface.

Flex application is a single page application where states can transition from one state to other state without having to fetch a new page from the server or to refresh the browser.

Flex application reduces the load on the server to great extent because it is only required to return the application once, rather than a new page every time when the user changes views