With a risk to security and storage in the traditional paper storage system, a majority of organizations has switched to the use of OMR sheets. OMR stands for Optical Mark Reader or Optical Mark Recognition. The sheets are pre-printed using paper and constitutes of bubbles that entitle the corresponding information. These circular bubbles are required to be marked using a pen or pencil by a candidate against the most tentative option.

The OMR sheets are evaluated using the Optical Mark Recognition technology, i.e. the process to capture the human-marked data from bubbled sheets. This technology is considered to be the fastest, efficient, accurate means of conducting any examination. The papers are of multiple choices and it is accepted and implemented throughout the globe. The bubble-marked information can easily be analyzed 3 primary methods, i.e. manual processing, an OMR Scanner and an OMR Software. For evaluating bundles of sheets we use either OMR scanner or OMR software.

Benefits of OMR

Create Your Own Template:

Create Your Own Template Actually user design s their OMR sheets as per their requirement and gets it printed and then a blank OMR sheet is scanned and imported in this module of the software then in the basis of this scanned user sheet user create a template.

Generate Report As Per Demand:

Generate Report As Per Demand You can choose fields you want in the report or even can club the various fields under one header like under the header- personal info, Date of birth, gender etc. This features make you hassle free for generating reports.

Minimize Use Of Paper:

Minimize Use Of Paper By using the online management software for admissions the institutions will be able to reduce the use of paper and paper work, because all the data and information collected will be online or as a soft copy on the system.

Faster Processing of Sheet:

Faster Processing of Sheet This technology offers a splendid processing speed while evaluation of these sheets, as in limited information is marked that makes it easy to analyze. The processed sacks of sheets can be analyzed to prepare the final scores. As it holds the capacity to read thousands of sheet in a minute.

Minimize Error:

Minimize Error There are huge bundles of answer sheet for evaluation and the organizing authorities that are school administration make use of OMR based tool for processing all these documents. The result evaluated will consists of accurate figure with the zero error count.

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