GST stands for Good and services tax. It is a value added tax which is levied on most of the good and services sold for the domestic consumption. The GST has been paid by the consumers but at the same time, it is remitted to the government by the businesses selling the good and services. In other words, GST is the money which is generated by the consumers and revenue for the government.

In the present time, most of the business companies and organization whether it is big, small or medium sized are in the constant need to be in the first position online. We suggest you choose GST software because it is the software which can calculate the GST but also calculate accounts, Ledger, inventories, finance as well. The different GST software which is available for you are Traders, distributors, etc.

Features of GST software

GST Invoice 

It allows taxpayers to generate a GST compliant invoice as per their requirements and format which includes all the mandatory things like GST No., HSN/SAC Code, GST Rate and all applicable taxes. It also enables taxpayers to schedule invoices and send payment reminders for outstanding payments.

Generate easy Reports 

This will help the taxpayers to generate an easy report by importing all their GST data from excel sheets in the GST software or generate reports by recording all sales and purchase entries. These reports help to file monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns.

Check and Match Reports

 Under GST filing you have to create many different types of reports and if there is some error, manually checking and matching these reports is a very difficult and time-consuming activity, but the same thing with GST software, you can do it in minutes and get an error very easily. You can reconcile the mismatches of Invoices/Purchases/ITC/Returns.

Get HSN/SAC codes

 It is very difficult to search for relevant HSN/SAC Code manually. But with the help of GST software, taxpayers can easily look for these codes based on their taxable goods and services.

Auto Tax Calculation 

With GST Software, taxpayers can easily calculate their tax liability accurately without any errors. You can easily locate the applicable GST rates under CGST, SGST, UTGST, IGST and CESS. After submitting the details to the software it automatically calculates and generates all the necessary reports and invoices related to GST data.


 GST software also supports cloud technology. Cloud feature enables you to access your GST data from anytime and anywhere. This cloud-based accounting helps you do all your tasks on the go, which saves taxpayers time and costs.

Third-Party Support

This software allows you to connect to a third-party application, which makes it a one-stop accounting solution to manage all your accounting and tax operations.

Advanced Security

 As the taxpayer information is extremely valuable, protection of your valuable info and other confidential information needs high security. GST Software equipped with the highest standard encryption technologies to protect your data and other confidential information round the clock.

Seamless filing process 

The best GST software provides you with an excellent experience while filing GST Returns. Basic information is saved on GSTN and further, it is fetched automatically.

Multiple Users 

This feature will enable you to create multiple businesses with multiple GST numbers. So you can manage all the different businesses with the same accounting software.

Benefits of GST software

 Life to get bit simpler

GST is expected to replace seventeen indirect taxes, eventually leading to falling in compliance cost.

Boost in revenue

The evasion is set to drop, which means that that input tax credit shall motivate the suppliers to pay the taxes. The central and state government will have duplicate oversight. This will eventually reduce the number of goods that are tax-exempt.

A unified common marketplace

At present the market is fragmented along the state lines, pushing the cost by twenty to thirty percent.

The cost of inventory and logistics to fall

The checks at the state border will slow the movement of trucks.

Boost investment

For most of the capital goods, there is no availability of input tax credit. The complete input of tax credit under GST shall mean a drop of 12–14% of the actual cost of capital goods. Forecast — six percent rise in the capital good investment and two percent overall.

Economically weaker states get a boost

The present two percent of inter-state levy means that the production is kept within the states. With GST national market coming into execution, this thing can be dispersed, thereby leading to some incredible opportunities for the economically weaker states.

Lower cost of manufacturing goods will lead to economic tax and logistic services

With the manufacturing goods becoming cheaper, the tax and logistics for them would also get economical.

Lift of GDP

As per a financial institution, 80 basis point rise is expected in the GDP growth in coming 3–5 years.