We at DIGITAL GROWTH INDIA,CONTENT WRITING AND CONTENT MARKETING Company in Delhi expertise in providing premium CONTENT WRITING AND CONTENT MARKETING. There are two aspects of content, the first one is informative and the second is obtaining leading position with search engines. Our expert content writing team and editors create content keeping all these aspects in consideration, the content is relevant, easy to interpret, unique and fresh. Content explains the basic objective, idea and related information of business at the same time it is highly based on keywords and other techniques that helps you rank higher on different search engines be it information related to your business activity, articles, blogs, forum, research papers, press releases, biography, e-books, yahoo answers, article submission and many more.We create content for different types of websites and niches like hospitality, transportation, media and news, pets, livestock, dairy and nature, corporate and professional, e-commerce, forex, advertising and marketing.

HIDDEN CATALYST FOR SEO – Content plays a major and basic part in the process of SEO. It helps the website attain higher positions in search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing and msn. We create contain that is search friendly and keyword based as well as organic, unique and fresh at the same time.

TIMELY QUALITY ANALYSIS – Our team conduct quality analysis at regular intervals for omissions or up gradation of the content. They also conduct research for new keywords related to market demands and changes and a Trending topics, products and services related to your business activity.

PROFESSIONAL COPYWRITING SERVICES – The basic purpose of copywriting services is to achieve specific business objective at the same time impress that specific audience. Our professional team first prepare a layout of your business according to your explanation, targeted traffic base, recent market studies, use of new methods and technology according to the need of your business and create something unique.

Content Writing

If content marketing is a marathon, then content writing is the first leg of that race. Effective content writing can boost your content marketing game. When a business is having a limited sale or asking customers to sign up for an email newsletter, immediate action is required. There’s no time to slowly win over an audience. 

Effective content writing will convince an audience to perform the action your business is looking for. It requires you to cover a lot of ground quickly.

You need to introduce your product or brand and a call to action, all while finding a way to hook your audience. Due to limited space, content writing needs to go beyond a Shakespearian knack for words. There’s a science to persuading a reader to convert to a customer.  

Sales pages, ads, direct mail, landing pages and infomercials are some of the mediums that fall into the category of content writing. Generally speaking, if you need to quickly and efficiently persuade an audience to complete an action, content writing is the way to go.

Content Marketing

The goal of content marketing is to educate and engage an audience, while attracting new customers. Also known as evergreen content, think of it as the long game.

Content marketing is all about providing value to your audience to gain their trust and loyalty. It’s a slow build. You will not win over your audience’s business instantaneously.

Content marketing requires you to give a little before you get something in return. You need to connect with your audience. Build a rapport with them.

Think of your favorite commercial or a great article you read recently. What was it about that piece that stayed with you? Odds are that there was an emotional component in the content that struck a chord.

No one’s asking you to create a Nicholas Sparks-level saga within your content. But you still need to make your audience feel something.

Generally, positive emotion in content tends to perform better than negative. Potential customers are more likely to tell their friends about a piece of content that inspired them or made them laugh, rather than something that bummed them out.

If a potential customer associates your brand with a positive feeling, they will likely come back for more. Feed customers valuable content so there’s a reason for them to stick around.


We offer 100% unique, organic and fresh content

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You have complete authority and copyright of the created content

Excellent written communication skills

Proofreading and editing abilities

A knack for storytelling


Research proficiency

Knowledge of your target reader


Social media know-how

A grasp of basic search engine optimization (SEO)


Time management skills